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Re: Fwd: New Maintainer, New Current


Author pnasrat
Full name Paul Nasrat
Date 2004-10-05 06:19:10 PDT
Message On Mon, Oct 04, 2004 at 08:50:09PM -0400, Jack Neely wrote:
> Well...the users at current dot tigris dot org list seems to not be sending out
> messages...Hmmm...Let's see if this list works...

Works for me.

> I've taken over as lead maintainer of the Current project. Hunter is
> still on board and we are working together, but I will be spearheading
> the operation. As nornal, the page at

That's great! I'm aware current serves a slightly different role to

Maybe it would be good if current supported the common metadata format also -


I know up2date intends to support this to - this would mean that current could generate for both rhn and non-rhn clients.
> Apart from databases I've started to create a exception based error
> handling mechanism. Any error condiction should raise the proper
> subclass of CurrentException. The up2date API has changed little over
> the past year. I think there's a new API bit in 4.2 during initial
> registration that I haven't chased down and the throbber seems hosed.

Public api is here, although, you'll have to deal with the registration one too


Good luck

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Re: Fwd: New Maintainer, New Current pnasrat Paul Nasrat 2004-10-05 06:19:10 PDT
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