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changing ports


Author profic
Full name Aaron P. Martinez
Date 2003-09-26 13:33:24 PDT
Message I have my current 1.4.4 up and running on RH 2.1 ES with apache
1.3.27-2. All seems to work fine, but i'm behind a NAT, and i need
outside clients to be able to access my current server. I have current
running on a different machine than my main webserver, so i'm wondering
if anyone can give me a little insight as to how to change the ports
that current listens on. Is it as easy as changing the ports that
apache listens on, and then changing the url that the clients to connect
to into something like... http://www.mysite.com/XMLRPC:81 or something
like that?

Any help appreciated,

Aaron P. Martinez

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changing ports profic Aaron P. Martinez 2003-09-26 13:33:24 PDT
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