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Re: confusion fixed


Author theslack
Full name Jack Neely
Date 2006-10-02 16:44:15 PDT
Message Thanks Jared. I also committed a missing commit as well.


On 10/2/06, Jared Greenwald <jared.greenwald@​oracle.com> wrote:
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> Ok, I figured out my problem. It was a little easier than I thought it
> was, but it boils down to a difference between a list and something
> acting like a list. In the end there's a slight bug in
> setupBaseChannels. In any case, I'd suggest changing the following:
> result = resultSet(self.cursor)
> to add a call to dump (thus dumping all channel entries):
> result = resultSet(self.cursor).dump()
> The reason for this is that inside the for loop just below this
> assignment, the cursor is being used in _updateInstalledPackages. Then
> when we get back to the top of the for loop, the next() method is being
> called and trying to access the original cursor. Calling dump() gets
> all of the entries loaded into a list from the start.
> Thoughts?
> - -Jared
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