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Project highlights: Stable Version: 1.6.1, Development Version: 1.7.6

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Future of Current


Author Hunter Matthews <thm at duke dot edu>
Full name Hunter Matthews <thm at duke dot edu>
Date 2004-02-05 13:30:16 PST
Message After a very sleepless night, it was time to write an email.

I'm no longer able to commit the time required to maintain and advance
current. Not by myself anyway. I've tried for months to figure something
out with my personal life, but current is always being pushed down the
priority list. Thats not fair to what has been a very loyal user base.

So, what now?

I am looking for a new maintainer, who would take over the lead in
current development. Such a person would be chief programmer, release
engineer, etc. He or she would make all the decisions that I've made
up until now about schedule, design, etc. If several people step
forward, even better.

1) Time. My biggest problem has been time, so I want to see someone
   that will time to devote to current and the users.
2) python programming. None of current is fancy, but theres a fair
   amount of it. You'll want to be comfortable with python.
3) SQL. 1.5 was supposed to be the big conversion from the old
   stinky stuff I kludged together to SQL. If you're new to SQL, but
   eager to learn, that might be a possibility.
4) Some reverse-engineering of up2date itself. Current isn't useful
   without up2date...
5) What linus torvalds calls "taste" would be nice.

I'm more than willing to help out, and be an assistant and work on the
reverse engineering stuff. Kinda of enjoy that part actually. But I just
can't devote the time the users deserve.

And thanks.

Hunter Matthews Unix / Network Administrator
Office: BioScience 145/244 Duke Univ. Biology Department
Key: F0F88438 / FFB5 34C0 B350 99A4 BB02 9779 A5DB 8B09 F0F8 8438
Never take candy from strangers. Especially on the internet.

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Future of Current Hunter Matthews <thm at duke dot edu> Hunter Matthews <thm at duke dot edu> 2004-02-05 13:30:16 PST
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