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Project highlights: Stable Version: 1.6.1, Development Version: 1.7.6

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current level 3 manager


Author marafa
Full name Mohammed Arafa
Date 2006-06-01 01:12:29 PDT
Message hello
i have written a bash script and released it via

the script does not automate current installation of course but it does help
greatly through its text based user interface. it is also menu driven and
hopefully logically designed.

it currently supports the following:
1. current setup and configuration,
2. client setup and configuration and
3. management of your current server after it has been configured.

it supports sqllite and mysql configurations.

the current release is 1.12 and was release yesterday

http://sf.net/projec​ts/currentl3 - hope it helps budding current

Mohammed Arafa

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current level 3 manager marafa Mohammed Arafa 2006-06-01 01:12:29 PDT
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