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Re: Current Usage Information


Author darwinscusp
Full name Drew Myers
Date 2006-05-20 06:01:05 PDT
Message * Jack Neely (jjneely at gmail dot com) wrote:


> How do you use Current? (For home network, research lab,
> deployment
> of all errata to large network, etc.)

I'm using current for a fairly large number of nodes at work, for errata
deployment. Coupled with my automated kickstart's, it's a vital piece
of my linux management solution.

> How many machines do you support with Current?

47 at last count.

> Why database do you use and why? (Such as: MySQL, company
> already
> runs mysql servers.)

I use mysql. The automated kickstart solution mentioned above, as well
as the administrative web-frontend all use mysql to store the data, so
it makes sense in my environment to use the same database. I also use
mod_php and mod_python with apache.

> Some future plans that I've been thinking about are: Make Current
> work with the Yum meta-data format. With a plugin for Yum allow
> tracking and authentication of Yum clients.
> Current is not far from either. However, don't expect these
> tomorrow. :-)

Some folks I work with use yum repos for their package management.
I think current provides a much more robust solution, but
if the two could be integrated, that's even better :).

Thanks as always Jack!


Honest differences are often a healthy sign of progress.
    - Mahatma Gandhi (1869 - 1948)

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