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news on multiple channels ?


Author stucky <stucky101 at gmail dot com>
Full name stucky <stucky101 at gmail dot com>
Date 2005-12-02 13:12:37 PST
Message folks

It seems not much has happened since 2003 so I was wondering what the status
was on setting up mutiple channels on one current server.
I know 1.6 didn't support it but 1.7/1.8 was supposed to. I installed the
1.7.2-1 rpm on RHEL4 and it works normally. However, the client still sees
all packages in ALL channels no matter what. I wanted to set up channels
based on environments like TEST, STAGE, PROD so I can roll out patches
gradually. I don't wanna mess with the redhat-release source rpm like
suggested cause I don't know what that might do my systems.
So my questions are :
1. Is 1.7.2-1 able to serve out only certain channels to certain clients ?
2. if yes I can't seem to find a way to subscribe to only one channel using
up2date so how would I tell the client to only use one channel ?
    up2date --<channelname> still shows rpms from all channels.
3. If development has stopped, could I set up one current server with 3
virtual hosts (one for each channel). Would I need 3 different databases too
    Has anyone tried his ?


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news on multiple channels ? stucky <stucky101 at gmail dot com> stucky <stucky101 at gmail dot com> 2005-12-02 13:12:37 PST
     Re: news on multiple channels ? theslack Jack Neely 2005-12-08 13:07:04 PST
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