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Project highlights: Stable Version: 1.6.1, Development Version: 1.7.6

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up2date client installer script


Author Erik Williamson <erik at cpsc dot ucalgary dot ca>
Full name Erik Williamson <erik at cpsc dot ucalgary dot ca>
Date 2003-08-12 12:40:06 PDT
Message Hi All,

I've written a wee little script to reasonably automate the setup
process for end-users, so I thought that I'd throw it out there in case
anyone has a use for it (Hey, if you see any glaring omissions, lemme
know too). After the thread about the up2date update this week, I
modified it to not use RHNS-CA-CERT.

Anyhow, here's the installer:

And here's the help page I wrote about the installer & current:

I've just been telling people to do the following:
lynx http://mirror.cpsc.u​calgary.ca/current/i​nstaller | sh

Naturally you can just view it first by:
lynx http://mirror.cpsc.u​calgary.ca/current/i​nstaller > \

... and haven't heard of a problem yet. In fact, my university's IT
department uses up2date/current on all of their RH machines, and are
*VERY* pleased!

Thanks for all the hard work, people!

e r i k w i l l i a m s o n erik at cpsc dot ucalgary dot ca
  system admin . department of computer science . university of calgary

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up2date client installer script Erik Williamson <erik at cpsc dot ucalgary dot ca> Erik Williamson <erik at cpsc dot ucalgary dot ca> 2003-08-12 12:40:06 PDT
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