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Re: Another SSL error


Author Janyne Kizer <janyne_kizer at ncsu dot edu>
Full name Janyne Kizer <janyne_kizer at ncsu dot edu>
Date 2003-06-30 10:13:34 PDT
Message Sorry for the traffic. I found it. I had the original RHNS-CA-CERT in
/usr/share/rhn. I backed up what was there and copied RHNS-CA-CERT.orig
over RHNS-CA-CERT and that was enough to allow me to re-register the system.

Janyne Kizer wrote:
> Well, I was able to use the current server to update the client machines
> just fine. The current server here is set up to use RHN to get its
> updates and then share with the other servers. I think that I made a
> mistake and did something to the RHNS-CA-CERT file that RHN uses (as
> opposed to the one that current uses for its clients). I can't seem to
> find what files need to be removed to allow the server to re-register
> with RHN. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Janyne Kizer
Systems Programmer Administrator
NC State University, College of Agriculture & Life Sciences
Extension Information Technology

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