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Project highlights: Stable Version: 1.6.1, Development Version: 1.7.6

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1.5.5rc1 posted


Author jwbernin
Full name John Berninger
Date 2003-05-18 15:08:28 PDT
Message For those of you following the development versions of Current, I've
just psoted release candidate 1 for version 1.5.5 on the tigris.org
site. There are binary and source RPMS available for 7.x and 8.x, and a

There are some important changes in this development release - first,
the database schema /must/ be updated for the channel scans to work
correctly. I've included a file with SQL commands that should update
your schema with no data loss, but I've not tested it so use it with
caution. I recommend simply dropping the existing database and
recreating it, then issuing a "cinstall initdb".

Also, I've done a major rework of how the RPM wrapper module functions -
I've noticed a very small speed increase with the new paradigm, but only
on the order of 10 - 15 seconds in a 13 - 15 minute run. I'm still
working on getting more speed out of that beast.

Finally, file dependencies should now work properly. You'll likely
notice a depressing increase in the time it takes to scan a channel -
that's due to recording the payload information required for filename
dependency resolution.

Please let us know if this release works for you, as I'm hoping to have
this out as 1.5.5 (final) and maybe even as 1.6.0 pending Hunter's

John Berninger

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1.5.5rc1 posted jwbernin John Berninger 2003-05-18 15:08:28 PDT
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