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wanted: success-stories with RH8 (/9)


Author Geert van der Ploeg <geert at triple-it dot nl>
Full name Geert van der Ploeg <geert at triple-it dot nl>
Date 2003-04-16 08:07:07 PDT
Message Hi all,

I'm wondering whether there are people who already use current on a large
scale (more than, say 2 machines) with RedHat 8.0 (or even 9?).

If so, what would be the steps to accomplish this?
I myself have thought about this, and came up with the following:
 - Create an RPM which:
    - downgrades up2date (and dependencies?)
    - overwrites /etc/sysconfig/rhn/* with own settings (serverURL's)
    - execute rhnreg_ks
    - install crontab entry
 - After a default RH installation, install above RPM and I'm set.

Is this indeed the way to go?

If nobody does this right now (for example, if it's not possible), I'm
curious what the plan is with RH8.0/9 support.
Can someone give an update on this?


Geert van der Ploeg

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wanted: success-stories with RH8 (/9) Geert van der Ploeg <geert at triple-it dot nl> Geert van der Ploeg <geert at triple-it dot nl> 2003-04-16 08:07:07 PDT
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