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Server Push


Author Matias Klein <matias at ethidium dot com>
Full name Matias Klein <matias at ethidium dot com>
Date 2003-04-16 06:48:43 PDT
Message Hi,

I'm trying to discover the status of automated pushing of updates to
clients (i.e. updating without client initiation)? What needs to be
done to achieve this functionality? Where in the codebase should I
begin looking?

I need this capability, so I am willing to contribute code if it doesn't
yet exist. If anyone is already working on this please fill me in on
the effort.

Perhaps a cron job that executes every night on the client and requests
the updates is the easiest way to hack this together w/o automated
server push? Any thoughts?



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Server Push Matias Klein <matias at ethidium dot com> Matias Klein <matias at ethidium dot com> 2003-04-16 06:48:43 PDT
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