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Re: tru64 support


Author hunterm
Full name Hunter Matthews
Date 2003-04-09 14:58:02 PDT
Message On Wed, 2003-04-09 at 11:14, Terry wrote:
> This is going to sound crazy but is it possible to use
> another platform/os to run an up2date server?

We did have one user that got current working on solaris. So it is

Whats required?
    You need apache
             the python rpm module
                if you build python first, this should be "easy"

All working on tru64. Note that tru64 itself DOES NOT have to be rpm
managed - current just needs the rpmlib and python rpm module to read
the data out of the rpms that you wish to serve.

So, its definately possible. But I'm not sure how "easy" it will be.
If you're comfortable building all that, yeah, it should work as far as
I know. (rpm worked fine on linux on alpha, so all the endian problems
should have been worked out long ago)

I personally bet building rpm itself will be the hardest part.
Its weird.

Hunter Matthews Unix / Network Administrator
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