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Registering a client


Author gpowell
Full name Geoff Powell
Date 2003-04-06 19:53:11 PDT
Message Hello

I have a question for any rhn gurus - what is the correct way of
registering a Redhat 7.2 client with a current server? The server hasn't
got X installed and I have ssh access only. I have tried rhn_register
-nox, my terminal went blue and then stalled :/

Is there any other ways of registering?

Also.. the password (or secret) configured in current.conf, is that for
the clients to use? If so, do the clients all use the same
username/password when registering/fetching packages?

Thanks in advance


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Registering a client gpowell Geoff Powell 2003-04-06 19:53:11 PDT
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