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i386 / i686


Author Nick Satis <nicksatis at internet-mail dot org>
Full name Nick Satis <nicksatis at internet-mail dot org>
Date 2003-03-24 07:08:59 PST
Message Hello,

I am a new Current user (I use RH 7.3) and I must say that installation
was a piece of cake. Congratulations on the developer team!

I have read the manual (readme/installation) but I couldn't find the
answer to the following question.

I need to know where I should put the ./i686/ files of the RH updates
FTP. I have the default config files:

name = Red Hat Linux 7.3
parent_channel =
arch = i386
os_release = 7.3
description = Red Hat Linux 7.3
srpm_check = 0

rpm_dirs = /local/linux/redhat-​7.3/RedHat/RPMS

src_dirs = /local/linux/redhat-7.3/SRPMS

and I have installed the ./i386/ files from REDHAT UPDATES into

Is this the place to drop all the i686 files also? Will the up2date
client understand and fetch the i686 package for "glibc" or "kernel", for

Is it better to add rpm_dirs like this:



Thank you in advance and again thanks for this great tool!

Nick Satis

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i386 / i686 Nick Satis <nicksatis at internet-mail dot org> Nick Satis <nicksatis at internet-mail dot org> 2003-03-24 07:08:59 PST
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