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RH 8.0 - cadmin


Author gpowell
Full name Geoff Powell
Date 2003-02-20 16:38:13 PST
Message Greetings all

I'm having a problem with getting cadmin to identify all the files in my
Current channel dir. In a nutshell, this is my situation:

I am doing some testing before actual implementation - I'm trying to
configure the channel to work with Current. So, I put one single .rpm
file (no reason I chose Xft, it was a random choice) into my channel
directory to verify that it works.

# cadmin -v create RedHat-7.2
Feb 21 09:2838 : EXCEPTION in /usr/share/current/channel.py,
_getHeaderFromFilename(), 592 [logException()] Traceback (most recent
call last): File "/usr/share/current/​channel.py", line 489, in
(header, isSource) = rpm.headerFromPackage(fd)
AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'headerFromPackage' Feb
21 09:28:38 Warning: Could not open package

I don't know enough about the structure of rpm packages to identify what
causes this problem--_getHeaderF​romFilename() sounds to me like a
routine which finds package header information

My question is, does the error indicate a problem with the package, or
with the python script? I am executing the cadmin command as the super
user, the file certainly exists, there is certainly data inside it and I
have tried another known good package (current-1.4.2-1.noarch.rpm which
I used to install current), it also failed and returned the same error

Has anyone seen this error before or have any ideas?


Geoff Powell

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RH 8.0 - cadmin gpowell Geoff Powell 2003-02-20 16:38:13 PST
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