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Project highlights: Stable Version: 1.6.1, Development Version: 1.7.6

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nwu - similar to current


Author Yves Junqueira <yves at cetico dot org>
Full name Yves Junqueira <yves at cetico dot org>
Date 2007-02-24 23:41:05 PST
Message Hi,

While browsing through tigris.org, I found "current". It seems like a
great project (and it's a *wonderful* name)

I am the author of NWU, which is a "network wide updates" tool to make
packages updated on Linux systems. Currently, it relies on APT, but
could easily be adapted to work with yum, etc.

nwu and current have similar objectives - although current's goal is
to serve as a server for up2date and in nwu I'm working in a new
technology, from scratch. Since we both use Python and license our
software under the GPL, I think we could share ideas and code.

I'm very happy to know you guys are working in a web interface using
TG. That is my web "framework" of choice, too, although there isn't
one for nwu right now (only CLI and PyGTK).

Yves Junqueira
yves at cetico dot org / nictuku [IRC]

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nwu - similar to current Yves Junqueira <yves at cetico dot org> Yves Junqueira <yves at cetico dot org> 2007-02-24 23:41:05 PST
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