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Re: question about solveDependencies


Author theslack
Full name Jack Neely
Date 2006-10-05 21:28:13 PDT
Message Jared,

There is some code in there to work with PySQLite's iterable objects
that it returns. It doesn't return a normal list but a class that
acts like a list or that can be accessed like a dictionary. Many parts
of the code were sensitive to the difference so the results from
fetchall() are dumped into a real list there. The DB API 2.0 dictates
that fetchall returns a list like object so this code should not
impact other compliant DB APIs.

Otherwise, solveDependancy() returns a list of tuples containing n, v,
r, e, a, and size. Where the package idicated by the tuple will
provide the needed requirement that was passed in to


On 10/5/06, Jared Greenwald <jared.greenwald@​oracle.com> wrote:
> Hash: SHA1
> I was attempting to install an entire update using current the other day
> and I ran into problems with solving deps. I tracked it down to the end
> of db.currentdb.solveDependencies where the result is read from the db
> query and then reversed and made into a dict of lists (I think).
> Anyway, it seems from what I'm seeing (and also from the comment just
> above that) that this code is for pysqlite. Anyway, in the end the
> function is returning a null set and I'm wondering why. More
> importantly, what is it supposed to be returning??
> Thanks,
> Jared
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