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Enterprise PHP & Subversion Bindings?


Author jcrouch
Full name Jay Crouch
Date 2006-09-18 14:29:37 PDT
Message Hi, my company is looking to build a web portal that provides document
management services as an integrated component of our overall services.
(Meaning the document management part can not be a 'hosted' or otherwise
'self-contained' solution - but rather an integrated area within our current


Think Microsoft SharePoint.


Our portal is currently written in PHP and we expect enterprise levels of
requests: 1000's per hour.


Does anyone know of libraries/extensions capable of handling enterprise
level requests which enable PHP to interface with Subversion? I've run into
PEAR and PECL libraries already - but they seem to be in their infancy and
not reliable or functional enough for what we are trying to do. Am I
mistaken about this? - see below.


We're looking for libraries/extensions that are capable of manipulating the
repository directly - IN ADDITION to browsing capabilities. As an example
the TRAC project, which uses python bindings, allows users to browse
directory structures and document revisions (HEAD, and historical) - but
doesn't allow users to upload new files or otherwise take actions on current
files under revision control (rename/delete/move/​copy/control access etc.).


Are there bindings/libraries/extensions out there that can help us do this?
Are they available in PHP, and if not, are the languages they are available
in capable of supporting lots of traffic. For example, if the python
bindings currently used by TRAC are sufficient for what we are trying to do,
would it be feasible/recommended for us to build this 'document management'
section of our portal in python and seamlessly move back and forth with
PHP/python? Is python capable of handling the kind of traffic we are



If all the above is basically no - Is it feasible / recommended that we
create our own bindings? How hard would this be - is there anyone out there
that would be interested in helping us? Or could we interact with system
calls? - are there command line API's that allow modification of the
repository directly (again, rename/delete/move etc.)


Thanks for you help in advance.



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Enterprise PHP & Subversion Bindings? jcrouch Jay Crouch 2006-09-18 14:29:37 PDT
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