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Project highlights: Stable Version: 1.6.1, Development Version: 1.7.6

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Mysql revived


Author Pauline Middelink <middelink at polyware dot nl>
Full name Pauline Middelink <middelink at polyware dot nl>
Date 2006-08-15 05:22:24 PDT
Message LS,

Attached you will find a patch which revives MySQL back to live.

Reason is simple: after working with sqlite for a while, i noticed
'Bad weeks' when one machine was fetching rpms, and an other machine
was done and wanted to delete/add packages. Database locked. Bad Week.
No good. Good for testing, but not when ons has 100 machines, each
logging in with rhnsd etc.
Mysql has a problem. The (lone) word 'release' is reserved. In the
few places it occured, I added the appropriate table name.

Second thing the patch does is reverting the getArch hack (sqlite
specific) and adding a canonArch to PROFILE. This field is later
used in matching profiles to channels.

Third thing, 'result.rowcount() is 0' scratched and replaced by
'result.rowcount() == 0'. Mysql delivers a rowcount of 0, and an
is operator fails. Dont ask why. This works and is more correct.
We want to compare numbers, not identities.
Something similar for profile.subscribe. The channel result when using
mysql is a long, not an int. I reverse the meaning of the test and
tested on 'str'.

Question: why does the generation of the Yum info sooo long? I have
about 1700 rpms in a channel (full set). Adding a new single RPM takes
about 4 seconds for the up2date information (headers, packages etc).
Than Yum starts crunching.... About 7 minutes later, done. This takes
way, way too long. Is it just my machine, or can you confirm this

    Met vriendelijke groet,
        Pauline Middelink
GPG Key fingerprint = 2D5B 87A7 DDA6 0378 5DEA BD3B 9A50 B416 E2D0 C3C2
For more details look at my website http://www.polyware.​nl/~middelink

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