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current on FreeBSD


Author armijn
Full name Armijn Hemel
Date 2003-09-21 08:50:28 PDT
Message hi,

I want to use current for use in my lab to update my Red Hat machines.
My servers all run FreeBSD though, so I'd like to run current on an
internal FreeBSD server. I noticed that the Makefile isn't very
portable, I've been playing a bit with autoconf to add checks for
Python, I found a nice one, used it and it seems to work, still a lot of
stuff that has to be taken care of.

Would this be interesting for current?


   armijn at nl dot linux dot org | http://people.nl.lin​ux.org/~armijn/ | Penguin Power
                 http://nl.linux.org/ | Alles over Linux

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current on FreeBSD armijn Armijn Hemel 2003-09-21 08:50:28 PDT
     Re: current on FreeBSD hunterm Hunter Matthews 2003-09-22 10:02:33 PDT
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