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Current Featureset


Author Matt Howell <mhowell at cybarworks dot com>
Full name Matt Howell <mhowell at cybarworks dot com>
Date 2003-05-13 13:23:30 PDT
Message I am new to the current mailing lists and the project as a whole. I
have used the RHN on a frequent basis until lately when network dynamics
and cost effectiveness of the RHN solution have been called into

After researching the various package management systems, I was
impressed with the support available for Current but also interested in
what features / expansion might be coming down the line?

Has anyone thought about tying in a Web management client (a la RHN)? I
did notice that in a posting last week it was mentioned that a database
backend was on its way for handg dependencies and deployments.

-Matt Howell
mhowell at cybarworks dot com

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Current Featureset Matt Howell <mhowell at cybarworks dot com> Matt Howell <mhowell at cybarworks dot com> 2003-05-13 13:23:30 PDT
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