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Project highlights: Stable Version: 1.6.1, Development Version: 1.7.6

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Current server and BitTorrent protocol


Author tomjennings
Full name Tom Jennings
Date 2003-04-21 12:39:23 PDT
Message I wrote a while back about expanding the utility of Current and up2date,
to support more than (more or less) emulating the distribution of RedHat
RPMs, to include general RPM distribution.

I realize you guys are busy, and any code changes are up to me, just to
state the obvious.

My goal is to make Current/up2date (1) more general and (2) incorporate
BitTorrent for distributed download. I know you've got other things to
do, but if done cleanly etc, are you willing in principle to incorporate
BitTorrent support if I provide patches and documentation? Clearly you'd
wait'n'see if the result is worth your bother, but do you have any
up-front objections?

Up2us, my extention to up2date, currently can
* fetch the SSL certificate and GPG keyring from the server
* install both,
* register with Current,
given only the servername.

This would seem useful for Current as it stands. Up2date remains 100%
untouched, and up2date config 100% untouched and fully backwards

up2us-1.1 does this now. This version does not support BitTorrent.

It's a wrapper around up2date (both command line and GUI), essentially,
which technique you comment on unfavorably before; I disagree, I think
it's the safest and most stable. Existing up2date config -- if any -- is
paranoiacally preserved. It should work with client 2.7 - 3.x, and RH 7
or 8(9). It's exceedingly clean, install-wise, it creates and upgrades
it's own config, uses PAM and consolehelper, etc.

Adding BitTorrent support requires changes to Current and up2date. I
fully understand and agree with your attitute towards the client. No
problemo here, it's the perfectly correct approach for Current.

But if I produce patches that incorporate BitTorrent into Current,
cleanly, then:

* Your goals for Current are unaffected by my stuff,
* Current can be deployed more broadly, for general software
distribution, with the stock client (RH-shipped) or the modified client

Since RedHat Inc has recently entrenched up2date in their income model,
it's likely they'll balk at incorporating my BitTorrent patches, which
goes around the central-server model for software distribution, so I
will own the patched version, most likely.

Client changes would not affect Current in any way, since you would
continue to test against the RH-distributed client of course.

Feedback? Thanks for your time.


Up2us, extention of up2date client:

BitTorrent protocol:

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