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Project highlights: Stable Version: 1.6.1, Development Version: 1.7.6

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CVS tree is closed


Author hunterm
Full name Hunter Matthews
Date 2003-04-03 17:30:41 PST
Message I'm doing the 1.5.4 release right now. The tree is closed to anyone but
me until

a) I email the dev list again
b) the 1.5.4 release shows up on the download section.

Email/IRC me if thats a big issue. (It shouldn't be - 1.5.4 is building
now, so it should go out friday am)

Hunter Matthews Unix / Network Administrator
Office: BioScience 145/244 Duke Univ. Biology Department
Key: F0F88438 / FFB5 34C0 B350 99A4 BB02 9779 A5DB 8B09 F0F8 8438
Never take candy from strangers. Especially on the internet.

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CVS tree is closed hunterm Hunter Matthews 2003-04-03 17:30:41 PST
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