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"Bad gateway" SSL Problem...


Author Patrick Zwahlen <Patrick dot Zwahlen at eu dot didata dot com>
Full name Patrick Zwahlen <Patrick dot Zwahlen at eu dot didata dot com>
Date 2003-02-17 03:17:03 PST
Message Hi you all,
I am using 1.4.2 on a RH 7.3 as a server. I am mainly updating 7.3 clients.
When directly connected, clients can upgrade without a glitch. However, when
I have to go through a routing device, I get the following error:
# up2date -l
Fetching package list for channel: redhat-7.3-i386...
There was a fatal error communicating with the server. The message was:
502: "Bad Gateway" while attempting to get
I know the problem is not in current. In the "current.log", current doesn't
even seem to start. Any SSL guru in there ?
BR, - Patrick -

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"Bad gateway" SSL Problem... Patrick Zwahlen <Patrick dot Zwahlen at eu dot didata dot com> Patrick Zwahlen <Patrick dot Zwahlen at eu dot didata dot com> 2003-02-17 03:17:03 PST
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