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Author jwbernin
Full name John Berninger
Date 2003-02-10 11:24:24 PST
Message So the next major bit of code I'm looking at tackling is the RPM 4.0.4
to 4.1 API conversion - I know this stuff has been batted around a bit
by various folks, and I've got a quick-and-dirty 'test' case Jos sent to
the list. Does anyone (Jos?) have anything more recent, like a patch
against a CVS snapshot, or even just some messy devel code? If not, I'm
gonna start from where the jwbernin-postgres-branch is; if so, please
feel free to send it my way, or even to this list.

John Berninger

GPG Key ID: A8C1D45C
        Fingerprint: B1BB 90CB 5314 3113 CF22 66AE 822D 42A8 A8C1 D45C

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