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Original message

Author Jared Greenwald <greenwaldjared@gmail.com>
Full name Jared Greenwald <greenwaldjared@gmail.com>
Date 2007-11-23 06:57:06 PST
Message On Nov 23, 2007 9:47 AM, Darryl Plank <Darryl dot Plank at aems dot net> wrote:
> >> My guess is that the server isn't running. <<
> Since I passed the "postmaster" command, and "psql test" responds correctly,
> doesn't that mean that the server is running?
> If not, what other way can I explicitly test if the server is running. If it
> needs to be started, how should I do that (if "postmaster" is not the right
> command?)
> Thanks in advance for any help anyone may be able to provide.

Let me just say in advance that I have never used pgsql. I personally
run current on top of Oracle db. I also can't read French, so I have
no clue what the output of that command was saying.

So, if you are thinking that the db is up and running, then you must
not be connecting to it properly in current. I would say, try opening
the interactive python shell and try making a simple connection to the
db to see if the python->pgslq connection is working. You need to
fundamentally get that working first for current to work. You've
probably got some of the connection settings wrong (port,user,pass),
so check those.

Hope that helps.