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Original message

Author Trevor Astrope <astrope@tabbweb.com>
Full name Trevor Astrope <astrope@tabbweb.com>
Date 2005-04-18 19:03:22 PDT
Message On Mon, 18 Apr 2005, drew wrote:

> I have several linux boxes (17) that run RHEL3, all of which have valid
> subscriptions. I have 2 other servers that run RHAS2.1, both of which
> have valid subscriptions. I'd like to use current to handle the
> necessary patching for these servers, but I'm not sure how to go about
> it.

Just create 2 channels with cadmin with the correct release string for
each channel.

> become available. What I'm curious about is 1) how do I then integrate
> these downloaded packages for use by current, and 2) is it possible to
> make one system download packages from RHN for an OS not installed on
> that system? In other words, could I designate a RHEL3 machine to
> download all packages for RHEL3 via RHN, *and* download all packages for
> RHAS2.1 via RHN, from the same system?

Yes. See my previous post regarding nrh-mirror-updates. Just use cadmin to
create the channels, as described in the current guide. The tricky part is
getting the correct release string. For rhel 3 and rhel 4 it is 3ES and
4ES (thank you Jack!). I'm not sure about 2.1, but do an `rpm -q
redhat-release' and use the field right after redhat-release in the
package version.



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