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Original message

Author Jason Parsons <jparsons-lists@saffron.net>
Full name Jason Parsons <jparsons-lists@saffron.net>
Date 2005-04-18 15:16:20 PDT
Message > I now see you're quoting from the EULA. I am referring to the
> subscription agreement, *that* agreement is violated by a
> *customer* that has more systems running than he is paying for.

Interesting. I read this (from the subscription agreement that you

> The term "Services" as used in this Agreement means, collectively, the
> Support Services provided under the purchased subscription and defined
> herein, RHN Services as defined herein, and any Learning Services
> purchased under this Agreement and defined herein. [ from I. A.,
> Subscription Agreement ]

> "Support Services" means the support services provided with the
> purchased subscription as further defined in this Agreement. [ From
> II. A. 1., Subscription Agreement ]

> The Support Services purchased by Customer are intended for use only
> for the benefit of the Customer and only for the Installed Systems
> with subscriptions. Customer may not use one subscription for Services
> for more than one Installed System. [ From II. A. 2.2., Subscription
> Agreement ]

... as saying that a licensee can only use RedHat's *services* for
licensed systems -- but the definition of their services don't include
the software itself. That is, I would expect a licensee would only be
allowed to directly query RHN from a licensed system, and would only be
entitled to support services for a licensed system. I would expect,
though, that once packages have been downloaded from RHN, the license
on those *packages* would be GPL.

I don't see how they could claim that the method in which you download
the package could change the license on the package itself. Of course,
I'm not a lawyer.

  - Jason Parsons

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