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Original message

Author Jason Parsons <jparsons-lists@saffron.net>
Full name Jason Parsons <jparsons-lists@saffron.net>
Date 2005-04-18 14:40:10 PDT
Message On Apr 18, 2005, at 5:23 PM, Jos Vos wrote:

>> I have ~12 RHES4 machines with only 1 $350 redhat ES4
>> license to the RedHat network for updates. I spoke
>> with RedHat and they said it did not violate any
>> licensing if I installed ES4 on other machines, just
>> as long as only 1 connected to RHN.
> This is not what their subscription agreement says...

> You're definitely violating their license agreement then.

Can you cite the section of their license agreement which you believe
is being violated? I read this:

> 1. The Software. Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Red Hat Applications
> (the "Software") are either a modular operating system or application
> consisting of hundreds of software components. The end user license
> agreement for each component is located in the component's source
> code. With the exception of certain image files identified in Section
> 2 below, the license terms for the components permit Customer to copy,
> modify, and redistribute the component, in both source code and binary
> code forms. This agreement does not limit Customer's rights under, or
> grant Customer rights that supersede, the license terms of any
> particular component.

  [ ... ]

> If Customer makes a commercial redistribution of the Software, unless
> a separate agreement with Red Hat is executed or other permission
> granted, then Customer must modify any files identified as
> "REDHAT-LOGOS" and "anaconda-images" to remove all images containing
> the "Red Hat" trademark or the "Shadowman" logo. Merely deleting these
> files may corrupt the Software.

  [ from
http://www.redhat.co​m/licenses/rhel_us_3​.html?country=United​+States& ]

My reading of this is that a RHEL licensee can redistribute the
software for any purposes, commercial or non-commercial, as long as a
commercial redistribution of the software does not include RedHat's
copyrighted images.

  - Jason Parsons

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