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Original message

Author Josh <josh2780@yahoo.com>
Full name Josh <josh2780@yahoo.com>
Date 2005-04-18 14:14:35 PDT
Message Hello.

I have ~12 RHES4 machines with only 1 $350 redhat ES4
license to the RedHat network for updates. I spoke
with RedHat and they said it did not violate any
licensing if I installed ES4 on other machines, just
as long as only 1 connected to RHN.

So my "up2date" (Current) machine will hold the
license. I had installed ALL packages apon installing
ES4 so each time I run up2date I download and archive
all the available packages for update. Since this
machine will hold all the updated packages for ES4 I'm
looking for a way for Current to provide these
packages to the remaining 11 ES4 machines.

Of course I ran into the error when running cadmin
(traceback ending with "xmlrpclib.Fault....").
http://current.tigri​s.org/faq.html#t5 states that I
need to change the /etc/sysconfig/rhn/* files to NOT
point to redhat but use the Current config files. But
I want this machine (the up2date / Current server) to
connect to redhat legally to obtain the updates,
download them, and then use Current to host them to
the 11 clients.

Can anyone offer any assistance? I'm running into the
traceback error mentioned above and don't know which
direction to head.



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