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Original message

Author secdes
Full name secdes
Date 2004-01-06 05:23:12 PST
Message I'm running build 1.4.4 on a Redhat 8.0 server.

I believe that I have correctly setup the current server as per the
installation.txt file but I get a error in the apache error.log file
when trying to connect to the server with an up2date client.

[Mon Jan 05 19:45:44 2004] [notice] Inside the PythonHandler
[Mon Jan 05 19:45:44 2004] [notice] Exception at callAPIMethod()
[Mon Jan 05 19:45:44 2004] [notice] method was up2date.login

Nothing is written to the current.log file only the apache error.log.

I was initially getting an error message concerning the current.log

[Mon Jan 05 19:44:18 2004] [notice] Inside the PythonHandler
[Mon Jan 05 19:44:18 2004] [notice] Starting backend
[Mon Jan 05 19:44:18 2004] [alert] Cannot open the
/var/log/httpd/current.log log file. Usually a permissions problem.
[Mon Jan 05 19:44:18 2004] [alert] This is going to hinder all current
operation - please fix
[Mon Jan 05 19:44:18 2004] [notice] Exception at callAPIMethod()
[Mon Jan 05 19:44:18 2004] [notice] method was up2date.login

After setting the rights on this file to
-rw-rw-rw- 1 apache root 0 Jan 5 18:11 current.log

this message stopped.

I have looked searched the list and cannot seem to find anything that
resembles this error.

Ron Culler

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