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Author bobb2
Full name bobb
Date 2003-10-09 02:09:30 PDT
Message Stephen Mah hath declared on Wednesday the 08 day of October 2003 :-:
> I still can't figure this one out. I even tried to delete
> /local/linux/current​/www/redhat-9 folder, than re-create Channel, ie:
> cadmin -v create redhat-9. Then I restarted the webserver.

> >When I select coreutils, the following warning message appears:
> >Test install failed because of package conflicts: package
> >coreutils-4.5.3-19 is already installed.

By any chance do you have two versions of coreutils installed ?
Perhaps the currnt version and an older version,
``rpm -q coreutils'' should tell you.

I have seen similar errors after upgrading 7.3 boxes to 9
(I know its not recomended, but hey, it works... :)
where there were a few packages installed twice, such
as nautilus, gnome-utils, control-center, etc..."

up2date was giving an error similar to the above,
removed the older package, and everything was dandy...


- bobb

Bob B. Crosbie.
Trinity Centre for High Performance Computing,
O'Reilly Institute,Trinity College Dublin.
Tel: +353 1 608 3725

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