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Author Sebastien BLAISOT <sebastien@blaisot.org>
Full name Sebastien BLAISOT <sebastien@blaisot.org>
Date 2003-09-17 23:17:03 PDT
Message Juan Pablo Abuyeres wrote:
> on the client, you have to
> cd /usr/share/rhn/
> and put there YOUR RHNS-CA-CERT
> when you upgraded up2date client, the rpm package overwrote that file.

A better way to do this is to put your RHNS-CA-CERT in a file with an
other name (by example MY-RHNS-CA-CERT) and to add a line in
/etc/sysconfig/rhn/up2date that reads :

sslCACert[comment]=The CA cert used to verify the ssl server

this way, when you upgrade up2date using RedHat's up2date RPM, it
overwrite the RHNS-CA-CERT file but doesn't destroy your MY-RHNS-CA-CERT

And, as it detects that your up2date config file was changed from the
first install, it will NOT overwrite it. it will instead create a new
one with the name up2date.rpmnew

this way, you can update the up2date package and also use up2date for
updating up2date.
if you name your file RHNS-CA-CERT and have up2date updated by up2date
in the middle of a bunch of updates, this could be problematic and lead
to communication errors during up2date (at the end), because the file
changed while up2date was running (after installing the packages,
up2date communicate again with the rhn server to send him the list of
updated packages on the system, IIRC).



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