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Original message

Author "Paul F. Williams" <paul.williams@uwex.edu>
Full name "Paul F. Williams" <paul.williams@uwex.edu>
Date 2003-04-28 09:07:21 PDT
Message Perhaps I have specified something incorrectly.
Here is the current.conf file

=====start of current.conf=============
valid_channels = redhat-7.1-i386 redhat-7.2-i386 redhat-8.0-i386
log_file = /var/log/httpd/current.log
log_level = 0

# You must pick one of the following values:
# 7.x apache_config_file = /etc/httpd/conf/curr​ent.httpd.conf
# 8.x apache_config_file = /etc/httpd/conf.d/current.conf
apache_config_file = /etc/httpd/conf/curr​ent.httpd.conf

access_check_type = user
access_check_arg = apache
server_secret = xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
server_id = xxxxxxx.uwex.edu
current_dir = /var/linux/current

# These are some text messages that the server can return to the clients
# in various API calls.
## The period is there ot provide a "blank line". Sheesh.
welcome_message = "Welcome to UWEX's up2date server."
privacy_statement = "Privacy Statement for UWEX's up2date server:
     This is the internet - privacy is an illusion.
     Unauthorized access is not allowed.
     Please note that only anonymous access is supported anyway - so while you
     have to get a valid system id (by going through the rhn_register program)
     there is no requirement to fill those fields out with real data. :) All
     that is required is that your architecture an os_release be accurately
     reported - and rhn_register fills that in automatically. "

name = Red Hat Linux 7.1
parent_channel =
arch = i386
os_release = 7.1
description = Red Hat Linux 7.1
srpm_check = 0

rpm_dirs = /var/linux/redhat-7.​1/RedHat/RPMS

src_dirs = /var/linux/redhat-7.1/SRPMS

name = Red Hat Linux 7.2
parent_channel =
arch = i386
os_release = 7.2
description = Red Hat Linux 7.2
srpm_check = 0

rpm_dirs = /var/linux/redhat-7.​2/RedHat/RPMS

src_dirs = /var/linux/redhat-7.2/SRPMS

name = Red Hat Linux 8.0
parent_channel =
arch = i386
os_release = 8.0
description = Red Hat Linux 8.0
srpm_check = 0

rpm_dirs = /var/linux/redhat-8.​0/RedHat/RPMS

src_dirs = /var/linux/redhat-8.0/SRPMS

=====end of current.conf====


At 05:25 PM 4/25/2003, you wrote:
>On Fri, Apr 25, 2003 at 05:03:53PM -0500, Paul F. Williams wrote users:
> > I believe I have installed the server and client
> > in accordance with the documentation I found
> > in current.
> > File "/usr/share/current/​configfile.py", line 214, in options
> > raise NoSectionError(section)
> > NoSectionError: No section: current
> > Anyone have any idea what is happening.
>Your config file is broken. You're missing the [current] section, or the
>[current] section header.
> > I have several questions in addition.
> >
> > 1) Does the server name need to be the real name
> > of the server (so reverse name lookup works)
> > or can it be a CNAME?
>For SSL, yes. Since up2date does as much as possible over SSL, yes, it
>needs to be your A record, at least as far as config files and SSL
>certificates go. Your hostname can be whatever.
> > 2) Since it is documented that apache cannot be running
> > when you run cadmin, I would recommend the notice
> > be moved to the beginning of the documentation.
> > Also, why can't you run cadmin when apache is running?
>Because shelve (the python datastore used in 1.4) doesn't have any locking
>or other advanced "hey, look! the data's changed/changing!" features.
>Therefore, if you use cadmin while apache/current is running, you run the
>risk of data corruption, screwed up clients, etc.
>That said, the problem will be going away in 1.5+, as that is moving over
>to a postgres backend, which has all that database yumminess.
> > (it might even be a good idea for the software to fail
> > if apache is running and notify you to stop apache before
> > running it).
>They used to do this when current was standalone. With apache, there's no
>way to know that current is currently running. For all cadmin knows, it
>could just be a bare httpd install that hasn't been outfitted with current
> > 3) Do you know what ports the server needs to have open,
> > we have most of our ports turned off and it refused
> > to connect until I opened all ports to the particular
> > client.
>You need to have port 443 (https) and probably 80 open. Or whatever you
>tell your clients, but as you're going to have to open 2 ports anyway,
>you may as well just use the standard ones.
> > 4)
>"I know you think you thought you knew what you thought I said,
>but I'm not sure you understood what you thought I meant." -- fortune

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