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Original message

Author Stephen Mah <steve.mah@oracle.com>
Full name Stephen Mah <steve.mah@oracle.com>
Date 2003-04-22 11:03:23 PDT
Message Hunter Matthews wrote:

>On Mon, 2003-04-21 at 17:30, Stephen Mah wrote:
>>thanks for the help. It works now, but when I run up2date... I get Fatal
>>error retrieving privacy statement: internal server error.
>>I made sure that I have the privacy_statement line in my
>>/etc/current​/current.conf file. Do I have to -rerun anything?
>>like cadmin create_apache_config
>create_apache_config is a one time thing.
>Have you restarted apache, and can apache read that config file?

My apache server is running and apache can read the file.

I'm still getting the "privacy error" from the client.

Also, I'm now getting an error while running cadmin:
# cadmin
Error: db_dir or web_dir not found - perhaps this is an older config file?

I did not get this error before, and I'm vitually sure all the paths are
correct. Has anyone seen this before?


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