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Author Kenneth Kalan <kgk@northwestern.edu>
Full name Kenneth Kalan <kgk@northwestern.edu>
Date 2003-04-11 13:56:33 PDT
Message I haven't tried it yet, but has anyone attempted to setup a Current server
on a Sun Solaris box? Since Current uses Apache, mod_ssl, and python for
the service, it would seem like you should be able to run it on a Sun
Server. I have a couple of Sun 250E boxes with raid array's, and thought
it would really be nice if it ran on there. I just started using Current
on a RH 8 box but can't run it on this box, since it's used for testing and
needs to go up and down whenever. I can get another box and buy some
drives, but since I already have the Sun's, I figured what the heck, I'll ask.



Kenneth Kalan
McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Science
Technical Support Consultant
kgk at northwestern dot edu

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