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Original message

Author Justin Walther <justin@walthernet.com>
Full name Justin Walther <justin@walthernet.com>
Date 2003-04-04 10:36:18 PST
Message Excellent. Not sure why I didn't think of that...especially after
reading it in the docs. Ugh.

The clock sync is just because I threw these instances together in
vmware and haven't synced anything. That won't affect the up2date
functionality though, right?

Thanks again for the help and for the most excellent tool.


Hunter Matthews wrote:

>Upgrade your client (by hand).
>2.7.2 is pre-columbian art at this point, and has a number of bugs.
>Oh, and your clocks are skewed.
>On Fri, 2003-04-04 at 10:36, Justin Walther wrote:
>>I've setup a test environment of 2 RH 7.2 servers running current
>>1.4.3-1.7x on one and up2date-2.7.2-7.x.6 on the other. I've setup
>>current properly I believe but I'm sure I've missed something silly. I
>>have successfully registered the client with the current server but I
>>get an error while running up2date -u. Here is the error I get on the
>>client side:
>>Getting headers for available packages...
>>There was a fatal error communicating with the server. The message was:
>>404: "Not Found" while attempting to get
>>$RHN/{'X-RH​N-Auth-Channels': [['redhat72i386', '20030403201046']],
>>'X-RHN-Server-Id': 'test', 'X-RHN-Auth-Expiration': '1049466274',
>>'X-RHN-Auth': '8ae611112d44ac7f0e2​17571ce3c3121b38702a​e',
>>'X-RHN-Auth-User-Id': 'justin'}/set_headers
>>On the server side, there isn't anything useful in current.log but I get
>>this in errr_log
>>[Fri Apr 4 08:24:34 2003] [notice] Inside the PythonHandler
>>[Fri Apr 4 08:24:34 2003] [notice] Result = {'X-RHN-Auth':
>> 'X-RHN-Auth-Channels': [['redhat72i386', '20030403201046']],
>> 'X-RHN-Auth-Expiration': '1049466274',
>> 'X-RHN-Auth-User-Id': 'justin',
>> 'X-RHN-Server-Id': 'test'}
>>[Fri Apr 4 08:24:34 2003] [notice] Inside the accesshandler
>>[Fri Apr 4 08:24:34 2003] [notice] Inside the typehandler
>>[Fri Apr 4 08:24:34 2003] [notice] setting normal headers
>>[Fri Apr 4 08:24:34 2003] [error] [client] File does not
>>exist: /current/www/{'X-RHN​-Auth-Channels':
>>Am I missing something? I used cadmin create to create my channel and
>>saw it successfully add all of my packages.
>>Thanks VERY much for any help. What a great tool this is!!
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