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Author Andreas Thienemann <andreas@thienemann.net>
Full name Andreas Thienemann <andreas@thienemann.net>
Date 2003-03-13 15:57:13 PST
Message Hi Matt,

On Tue, 11 Mar 2003, Matthew Valites wrote:

> >[Sun Mar 09 15:56:52 2003] [notice] Result = <Fault 1000: 'No compatible
> >channels found for client: login()'>
> Were you able to get any further on this? I haven't heard from anybody
> else and was wondering if you were successful in determining the cause
> of it.
Jupp. Somewhat. I know what causes it but I do not know why this happens.

The problem is not the client architecture but the redhat release.
The server has a channel which serves the 8.0.94 rpms. This channel is
named "redhat-8.0.94".
A client with 8.0.93 shows the symptoms but after upgrading the
redhat-release to 8.0.94 and reregistering everything works fine.

What is strange however:
Another channel, called custom-rpms which has the architecture set to i386
and the release to 8.0 however fails with a 8.0 client. Same symptomes...

Next thing: this channel does not appear when calling --show-channels.
What decides when a channel is shown and when not?

And another suggestion: It would be good to note in the documentation that
the CURRENT-CA-CERT file needs to contain the whole certification chain if
the certificate is not self-signed.
I signed the server cert with our private Root-CA which resulted in the
server-certification check failing. took me a while to find the reason for

But now most of the current system is working and I've gotta say: thanks
for this program. I haven't tried it yet on a large scale but it looks as
if it could make my life easier... ;)


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