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Original message

Author Andreas Thienemann <andreas@thienemann.net>
Full name Andreas Thienemann <andreas@thienemann.net>
Date 2003-03-11 13:51:03 PST
Message On Tue, 11 Mar 2003, John Berninger wrote:

> Current is reporting the client attempting to connect as an 8.0
> platform, not a 7.3 platform. What is the value of the "release" field
> in the channel configuration? i386 is the correct arch - i686 will not
> work as it is not a "canonical" arch - i386 is the canonical arch for
> i686.
Probable misunderstanding here.

The reported architecture is from my error log. I've been testing it with
an 8.0 release.

The original poster probably was using 7.3...

 andreas (struggeling with SSL)

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