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Original message

Author Andreas Thienemann <andreas@thienemann.net>
Full name Andreas Thienemann <andreas@thienemann.net>
Date 2003-03-09 07:02:06 PST
Message Same problem here.

I'm seeing the following message in the apache error_log:

[Sun Mar 09 15:56:52 2003] [notice] Result = <Fault 1000: 'No compatible
channels found for client: login()'>

And the current.log basically has the same problem finding the correct

Mar 09 15:56:52
'8.0', 'client_arch': 'i686'})
Mar 09 15:56:52 /usr/share/current/p​ackagedb.py:_getCann​onArch({'arch':
Mar 09 15:56:52 Result is a Fault
Mar 09 15:56:52 (/usr/share/current/​current_apache.py, sendClientResult(),
253): Data sent.
Mar 09 15:56:52 sendClientResult() finished

The permissions should be okay as everything is readable by apache.

Is there any further information I could offer?


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