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Original message

Author Ben Russo <Ben@umialumni.com>
Full name Ben Russo <Ben@umialumni.com>
Date 2003-02-10 18:27:31 PST
Message John Berninger wrote:

>Ben -
>>I have one purchased RedHat Advanced Server
>>I want to set up CURRENT.
>>I am trying to figure out what the valid_channels
>>value should be in the /etc/current/current.conf
> the valid_channels variable is simply a list of channel labels
>that you've created and determined to be valid. The actual strings
>involved are totally at your discretion.
> All you have to do is ensure that your channel definitions are
>accurate (i.e. arch and os_release).
OK, (I am a newbie with CURRENT) thanks. :-)

Just to clear things up...
I only have one RHAS server right now, and I do use RHN with it.
It cost me $2400 for a 3 year RHN AS subscription.
I will not install Advanced Server on any servers that I haven't
purchased a
support contract for. I might buy more RHAS licenses if I have to have
Oracle or some such thing with a valid support contract. But I'm not
going to pay for AS if I don't need AS, but I would like to benefit from
the GPL'd packages that are available for free.

So, I have downloaded all the SRPM's for Advanced Server and also the
SRPM's for the AS updates from the public FTP sites, (*not* from RHN)
I am buillding those SRPM's into binary RPM's on my own box.
A few of them aren't BSD/GPL/MIT/Apache licensed, such as the IBM-JDK
stuff, so I will have to check on those before I include them.

I plan to make my own install bootnet floppy that will access the RPM's
that I build
    (not redhat advanced server, just the same packages and version
I want to use Current so that when I have installed many (10-30) servers
like this
I can use up2date on them to keep them "current" with patches and
bug fixes.


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