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Author theslack
Full name Jack Neely
Date 2006-11-10 07:16:49 PST
Message No...sorry...this is one of the beautifu design flaws of RPM. RPM
always assumes you want the latest version of a package, no mater
what. So in the above situation RPM itself is not able to handle the
dependancy chain. I know that some folks have hacked at this with a
Yum plugin.

Current/RHN reflect this by only having the latest version of a
package available in the channel. I believe RHN will let you manually
download any version and all versions are contianed in the
listAllPackages API call.


On 11/10/06, Jared Greenwald <jared.greenwald@​oracle.com> wrote:
> I've run into an issue recently and I was wondering if its desired
> behavior or not.
> I have three packages:
> A-r1
> A-r2
> B-r1
> All of these packages are in the same channel directory, but only the
> newest packages show up - A-r1 does not. Normally this wouldn't be a
> problem, but in this case B-r1 depends on A-r1 - so B-r1 cannot be
> installed because A-r1 is not showing in the channel. Is this the
> desired behavior? I thought that RHN allowed you to install any
> previous version of a patch or something from their channels...
> Thanks,
> Jared
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