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Author jcrouch
Full name Jay Crouch
Date 2006-09-18 15:45:50 PDT
Message Does anyone know if there is a way to interact directly with a SVN
repository without a working copy?


I am trying to build a web-based interface for a document management system
with SVN as the backbone - and it would chew up double the space to use
working copies - I would MUCH prefer to add files without needed a working
copy (and otherwise manipulate them - move/rename/delete etc). Any actions
taken would of course result in a new revision.


Technically - I am trying to do this from PHP (posted as an earlier
question) - but if anyone can tell me how to do it from the command line I
would be very appreciative.


As another way of asking the same question - I am trying to reproduce the
mod_dav_svn module on the command line (or via PHP). Any help please?


Thanks, Jay