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Author Roland Pope <rpope@jadeworld.com>
Full name Roland Pope <rpope@jadeworld.com>
Date 2004-11-15 20:48:55 PST
Message ----- Original Message -----
From: "Roland Pope" <rpope at jadeworld dot com>
> 3) On a third run of up2date -u I get a successful download of the RPMs
> which need to be updated, but I get the following error:
> <snip>
> dependency problem. The message was:
> Dependencies should have already been resolved, but they are not.
> </snip>
To follow up my original post and elaborate on this a little more:
There appears to be two problems here
1) A package requires updating that has a dependancy on another package
which is not installed which in turn has dependancies on other new packages
which are not installed.
2) The new package which seems to be causing the problem in this case is
obsoleting an existing package of a different name. If I manually
'rpm -e --nodeps' the old package, the new one installs fine, with its
dependant packages. I can then go back and do my 'up2date -u' and get my
updates installed correctly.


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