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Author Frank Sweetser <fs@wpi.edu>
Full name Frank Sweetser <fs@wpi.edu>
Date 2003-07-08 10:28:41 PDT
Message On Tue, Jul 08, 2003 at 12:26:44PM -0400, Hunter Matthews wrote:
> One thing I'm curious about (I'm new to SQL programming, unfortunately)
> is - is it at all possible to share the schema definitions between
> databases? From what I've seen, the answer is "not at all".

In theory - I believe so, yes. In reality, only with the most trivial table
definitions. CREATE statements seem to be one of the areas in which each
database engine varies the most, probably because they get used so infrequently
and hardly ever in day to day operations.

Frank Sweetser fs at wpi.edu
WPI Network Engineer

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