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Original message

Author Hunter Matthews <thm@duke.edu>
Full name Hunter Matthews <thm@duke.edu>
Date 2003-07-08 09:23:08 PDT
Message On Tue, 2003-07-08 at 08:50, Frank Sweetser wrote:
> > On Mon, 07 Jul 2003, Frank Sweetser wrote:
> >
> > > I've attached a patch which adds a new db_type, 'sql'. I started out by
> > > just copying db/postgres/ and then hacked it up to work with either mysql
> > > or postgresql based on a new config var, 'db_driver'. It should still work
> > > just as before with postgresql, though I've only really tested it with
> > > mysql so far.
> > Uhhh.... no. I put the db_type variable in to distinguish
> > between backends, not add another layer. I've got no problems with the
> > concept of a MySQL backend, but it will be put in with a db_type of
> > 'mysql' or something similar, not with a completely new config variable.

I agree with John.

> Fair enough. With the backend api, though, this would require a lot of code
> duplication that's not db dependant. Would you object to moving code out from
> the backend, and into the currentDB class? What I'm picturing in this case is
> reduce the backend more or less to to set and get functions, and leave all of
> the various rpm and filesystem logic up to the currentDB class.

Wonderful. Do it.

Hunter Matthews Unix / Network Administrator
Office: BioScience 145/244 Duke Univ. Biology Department
Key: F0F88438 / FFB5 34C0 B350 99A4 BB02 9779 A5DB 8B09 F0F8 8438
Never take candy from strangers. Especially on the internet.

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