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Original message

Author Sebastien BLAISOT <sebastien@blaisot.org>
Full name Sebastien BLAISOT <sebastien@blaisot.org>
Date 2003-06-18 06:04:01 PDT
Message Hi,

Now that I have an 1.4.4 current server configured and working, I'm
reading what I can find on current 1.5/1.6.

I was reading the Chapter 3 (Managing current server) of the current
guide and the following question raised my mind :

Is there (or will there be) a way to remove a directory from a channel ?
(i.e. the opposite of cadmin add_dir).

in 1.4, it was easy to edit the current.conf file, remove the directory
name and re-run a cadmin create channel, but in 1.5, this sounds like a

Am I wrong ?

Sebastien BLAISOT

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