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Original message

Author tomjennings
Full name Tom Jennings
Date 2003-04-10 22:06:19 PDT
Message As promised, I've released a utility that generalizes RedHat's up2date
client to support multiple repositories (eg. Current servers on
different hosts presumably serving up different packages).

There's a Gtk based GUI that is functional but quite ugly and a command
line interface. The GUI will get cosmetic and flow attention shortly.

up2date remains 100% backwards compatible and untouched.

It is a very clean RedHat Linux system utility, proper PAM and module
installation via RPM (short of bugs :-)

Up2us manages configuration data for multiple repositories, and builds
per-repository configuration to invoke up2date. It came out pretty clean
architecturally (because RH's tools are well behaved).

Since each repository needs at least a certificate for SSL and a GPG
keyring, the server machine should have two simple port 80 URLs to
provide the data for 'add repository' command to work; of course the
keys and cert could be distributed manually, but if they're at the
simple URL (eg. http://zero.wps.com/​AUTH/CA-CERT) it can be automated.

Hell, use up2us only as an automated way to sign up clients to a Current
server as the sole repository.

It's at http://wps.com/Up2us. The man page contains more info.


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