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Original message

Author pnasrat
Full name Paul Nasrat
Date 2003-02-14 00:25:50 PST
Message On Thu, Feb 13, 2003 at 01:52:26PM -0500, John Berninger wrote:

> don't do sub-channels, we don't do multiple compatible channels, we
> don't do any client or user tracking. Those are all things on the
> "TODO" list, along with (of course) some doc enhancements and such.

I'd like to see sub-channels, for example one of the projects I use
is jpackage, whilst I can just have an additional dir entry for
packages, it's just not a pleasant as it could be.

The other thing related that probably couldn't happen without client
logging of some form - access control to a sub-channel. E.g with
jpackage there are nosrc.rpm (the jdk) which have distribution control.
Should someone want to run a public currrent server maybe for reasons such as
to provide some patches on certain rpms for older RH distros -
http://www.securityf​ocus.com/columnists/​142 then it'd be nice to have
some form of access control on a sub-channel (or even just on specific packages)

I'll see if current copes with nosrc.rpms when I get into work.



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